Laura Wallace coordinates our Montgomery County candidate endorsements. She joined the staff of our sister organization, JUFJ, in May 2016. As JUFJ’s Senior Organizer in Montgomery County, Laura coordinates all of our County-level issue campaigns and works with our Baltimore organizers to run JUFJ’s statewide Maryland campaigns. She led JUFJ’s participation in the successful Fight For $15 campaign in Montgomery County in 2017, and was instrumental in our successful campaigns for earned sick leave in MoCo and then across Maryland.


Prior to joining the staff of JUFJ Campaign Fund, Laura was a leader with JUFJ and Action in Montgomery, the Montgomery County IAF affiliate. She has worked for Jewish organizations including the Foundation for Jewish Studies and the Masorti Movement for Conservative Judaism in Israel. Laura is a long time resident of Gaithersburg, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Laura uses she/her/hers pronouns and can be contacted at (240) 813-4776.

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