Maryland and DC need strong, ethical leaders who will fight for equality and justice, and work for the people of our region. And with our crowded elections, it’s hard to sift through the candidates and know who these people are, what they stand for, and whether they will actually follow through on their campaign promises.

That’s why we started the JUFJ Campaign Fund: to help you decide whom to vote for, and to make it clear to candidates that we expect them to fight for us.

The JUFJ Campaign Fund is proud to endorse:

JUFJCF 2022 DC primary full endorsement slate

Robert White for Mayor

As Mayor, Robert White will have the bold vision and political will to make transformative change in our city. Councilmember White has been a consistent ally on progressive policy issues, such as Birth-to-Three for All, affordable housing, racial justice, and voting rights. He has a track record as a problem-solver, with a commitment to community engagement and public accountability. His campaign is strong and continues to build momentum. We are thrilled to support him.

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund endorses Councilmember Robert White for DC Mayor

Erin Palmer for Council Chair

Erin Palmer has been a strong advocate for many years both as an individual and as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and we are thrilled to endorse her for Council Chairwoman. In addition to her outspoken support for some of our key policy positions, she knows that the DC Council needs governance reform to be effective and collaborative. Her professional experience in ethics and in elected leadership makes her an ideal Chair to make these reforms.

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund endorses Erin Palmer for DC Council Chair

Nate Fleming for At-Large

Nate Fleming is thoughtful, experienced, and unafraid to fight for what’s right. His career-long commitment to fighting inequity and knowledge of the inner-workings of the DC Council means that he will be a progressive champion for the District starting on day one. Fleming will take courageous votes for policies that benefit poor and working class Black and Brown residents.

the JUFJ Campaign Fund endorses Nate Fleming for at-large

Brianne Nadeau for Ward 1

Councilmember Brianne Nadeau has been a champion for affordable housing and providing services to DC residents who are experiencing homelessness. Alongside Councilmembers Janeese Lewis George and Charles Allen, she co-authored the crucial tax increase that passed last summer to boost pay for early childhood educators and provide housing to thousands of DC families.

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund endorses Brianne Nadeau for Ward 1 Councilmember

Matt Frumin for Ward 3

Matt Frumin is a passionate advocate for public education and DC’s seniors with deep relationships in Ward 3. He understands that Ward 3 does better when the whole city does better. His nearly two decades of advocacy experience, commitment to supporting the District’s most marginalized residents, and action-oriented approach will make him an important ally on the Council.

the JUFJ Campaign Fund endorses Matt Frumin for W3

Zachary Parker for Ward 5

After endorsing Zachary Parker for State Board of Education four years ago, we are thrilled to endorse him again for DC Council this year. Through a racial equity lens and with social justice values, Zachary will fight for everyone in Ward 5 and across the District. He is committed to bringing government to the people, he is strategic, and we are confident he will bring an inclusive, effective policy agenda to the Council.

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund endorses Zachary Parker for Ward 5 Councilmember

Charles Allen for Ward 6

Councilmember Charles Allen knows how to bring together a Council coalition that can pass bills and budget measures with a clear majority. He co-authored last summer’s tax increase, and helped shepherd through justice-oriented changes to policing and criminal justice that were fiercely fought against by the Fraternal Order of Police and others. Even when we disagree, Councilmember Allen cares about what the JUFJ Campaign Fund says and takes our concerns seriously.

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund endorses Charles Allen for Ward 6 Councilmember

Bruce Spiva for Attorney General

Bruce Spiva is a qualified, experienced attorney with the vision necessary to lead the Office of the Attorney General as a force for positive change in the District. His values are closely aligned with those of the JUFJ Campaign Fund. He has a history of working passionately for social change, experience leading a large staff, and an inspiring goal of making DC the premiere OAG in the country. 

the JUFJ Campaign Fund endorses Bruce Spiva for AG

Yes on Initiative 82

Initiative 82 is a ballot measure that will be on your June primary ballot and if it passes, it will raise wages for thousands of low wage workers, including waitresses, nail salon technicians, parking lot attendants, bellhops, and more. If you voted in DC in 2018, you may remember supporting the very similar Initiative 77, which was overturned by Chairman Phil Mendelson and a majority of the DC Council. How will this time be different?

Jews United for Justice endorses Initiative 82, One Fair Wage for all DC Workers

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Mazel Tov to all of our 2020 endorsed candidates!

We are proud to have supported an amazing slate of candidates in DC’s primary and general elections in 2020. Whether they won or lost, we know that all of them are going on to do amazing work for justice in DC.

As Jews, we know that every vote is sacred, just as every person is sacred. Every single one of us is entitled to a say in our democracy. We are so proud to be part of a powerful local progressive movement in DC and Maryland, a movement that continues to gain momentum even when the election is over. In the 2020 general election, we endorsed 14 candidates and 7 ballot initiatives. Every single ballot initiative and nearly every candidate won. 

DC Staff

2022 DC Endorsement Team

Thank you to everyone on our endorsement team:

Alana Eichner
Jayme Epstein
Alix Gould Werth
Seth Johnson
Ed Lazere
Amy Lieber
Lindsay Morris
Sarah Novick
Abel Nuñez
Desmond Serrette
Daniel Solomon
Michelle Sternthal
Ericka Taylor

Paid for by JUFJ Campaign Fund, PO Box 41485, Washington, DC 20018. Joe Sandler, Treasurer