Rabbi Yitzchak taught that “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is consulted.”

— Babylonian Talmud Berachot 55a

Montgomery County needs leaders who will represent all of us, and who are accountable to the whole community. That’s why we vote, and why we take seriously Rabbi Yitzchak’s teaching that community input is essential for choosing who will lead our county.

And it’s why the JUFJ Campaign Fund was founded ten years ago — to help elect leaders who will fight for our Jewish values, to advocate for issues that matter to the whole Montgomery County community, and to hold our representatives to the commitments they make.

2024 Board of Education Election

Local elections matter. Here in Montgomery County, this election is when we vote for Board of Education candidates supported by educators, or by far right groups like “Moms for Liberty.”

There are three Board of Education races on your ballot and you can vote in all three of them. Two of the three races have two qualified candidates, but one has a dangerous candidate who should not lead our public school system.

The JUFJ Campaign Fund has not issued our own endorsements this cycle, but Montgomery County Educators Association and SEIU Local 500, our union partners who represent educators and other staff who work in Montgomery County Public Schools, have endorsed candidates. When you vote, choose an educator-endorsed candidate who supports safety and belonging for ALL students, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Vote for Union Endorsed Candidates

  • At Large: Lynne Harris (SEIU Local 500-endorsed) | Rita Montoya (MCEA-endorsed)
  • District 2: Natalie Zimmerman (MCEA-endorsed)
  • District 4: Shebra Evans (SEIU Local 500-endorsed) | Laura Stewart (MCEA-endorsed)

Brenda Diaz has an agenda that will exclude LGBTQ+ students and undermine school safety.

It’s time to vote your values and speak out for a school system that cherishes and includes all students, no matter what their identity.

For additional information, including links to candidate websites and questionnaires, click on the resources link below.

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Montgomery County Staff

2022 Montgomery County Endorsement Team

Thank you to all the Campaign Fund Board Members, Montgomery County volunteers, and staff who contributed to the endorsement process, giving generously of their time and insights. Thank you also to our many partners who consulted with us throughout the process.

Debbie Amster
Robert Barkin
Linda Bergofsky
Riley Blaugrund
Karen Caplan
Nikki Cole
Michael English
David S. Fishback
Joseph Gelula
Rafi Glazer
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Lisa Hack
Bill Halpern
Steven Harvey
Brigid Howe
Deedee Jacobsohn
Stephanie Joseph
Jerry Kickenson
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Phyllis Lerner
Anna Levy
Laura Loeb
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Heidi Rhodes
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Fran Zamore

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