The JUFJ Campaign Fund is proud to endorse

Ben Jealous
Susie Turnbull

Lt. Governor

Brian Frosh

Attorney General

Johnny Olszewski

Baltimore County Executive

Marc Elrich

Montgomery County Executive

Ben Jealous shares the JUFJ Campaign Fund’s priorities for social, economic, and racial justice for all Marylanders. Ben knows how to build bipartisan consensus among nonprofits, social justice groups, unions, and allies in the business community to increase the minimum wage, and to defend immigrant Marylanders from ICE.

Susie Turnbull‘s broad network and years of experience in the Maryland Democratic Party and the Jewish community will help her build support for programs Maryland needs, like affordable healthcare and public education for all. As a strong advocate for women’s rights, she has helped to train other women in Maryland to run for and serve in public office.

Brian Frosh is a champion for immigrants, for poor people targeted by predatory companies, and for Black and brown people facing a racist criminal justice system. He has fought for sensible gun control, environmental protections, and other causes that make a real difference. As a legislator in the General Assembly, he helped advance marriage equality. As Attorney General, he has fought the immoral policies of the Trump administration like the Muslim ban and the tax scam.

Johnny Olszewski will make government more accessible and transparent to regular people, and ensure that Baltimore County’s law enforcement officers treat every member of our society with dignity. He believes that Baltimore City and Baltimore County need to work together so both can thrive — and he’ll fight for affordable housing and water, accessible transportation, and good jobs.

Marc Elrich is a dependable, longtime progressive ally on the Montgomery County Council. He was the lead sponsor and champion of the $15 minimum wage, making MoCo the first suburban district in the nation with a $15 minimum wage. As a former teacher, he will fight to make sure everyone has access to quality public education, and he is committed to advancing racial equity through concrete data, analysis, and policy.

Question 1 (statewide):

Larry Hogan has looted nearly $2 billion in education funding. When Maryland first legalized gambling in 2008, voters directed gambling revenue to fund education. But when the money started rolling in, Governor Hogan swapped out existing education funding for the new money so our schools didn’t get an extra nickel.

Vote FOR Question 1 to create an “education lockbox,” putting gambling revenue towards schools and stopping Governors from playing shell games with our children’s education.

Question 2 (statewide):

Our government should be protecting every person’s sacred right to vote, not making it harder for us to participate in democracy. Just this year, the state disenfranchised 70,000 voters by failing to process their registrations. People had to cast provisional ballots or not vote at all. Maryland should join nine states and the District of Columbia in offering same-day voter registration to make sure that everyone gets to raise their voice in democracy – even if you recently moved, or you don’t have lots of time off of work.

Vote FOR Question 2 to set up statewide same-day voter registration.

Question E (Baltimore City): 

Right now, half of Baltimoreans pay more than they can afford for water. JUFJ has been working since 2015 to make water affordable for everyone in Baltimore, and this amendment is an important step in that direction. In the past, the City has tried to sell our water to private companies that want to profit off our basic human needs. In other cities where this has happened, the private companies have raised prices and lowered the standards for water quality.

Vote FOR Question E to keep Baltimore’s water public forever.

Question F (Baltimore City): 

No one in our city government should be allowed to abuse the powers of their office. The office of the Baltimore Inspector General is supposed to be an independent, internal watchdog agency. But the inspector general reports to the mayor, which means that the mayor or senior staff can interfere with investigations and shield corrupt officials from punishment. We need a truly independent Inspector General who can be a real check on powerful officials. This amendment will move the Inspector General’s office out from under the control of any one political official and make them a truly independent voice for the people of Baltimore.

Vote FOR Question F to ensure that Baltimore’s Inspector General can hold city officials to a real ethical standard.

Question H (Baltimore City): 

Our elected officials should represent all residents, not just wealthy donors. When elections are publicly financed, regular people can run for office without being bankrolled by corporations and lobbyists. This amendment will create a fair elections fund to finance candidates for office who aren’t relying on big money contributions, and make it easier for voters to elect regular people who aren’t beholden to big business. JUFJ has supported similar efforts in Montgomery County and in DC.

Vote FOR Question H to reduce the power of money in politics and help Baltimore elect officials who are less beholden to major donors and more ready to serve the people of Baltimore.


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