In Maryland, Montgomery County

The JUFJ Campaign Fund Montgomery County Primary Election Voter Guide

The Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund is a grassroots community organization working in DC and Maryland to advance economic, racial, and social justice by educating and mobilizing our local Jewish communities to advance campaigns for real, immediate, and concrete improvements in people’s lives. We work to build independent electoral power alongside partners, leaders, and communities of color — including the capacity to affect who wins elections — and insist that elected leaders advance an agenda for economic justice and racial equity in our region.

In 2022, we updated our candidate endorsement criteria:
• The candidate’s platform/incumbent’s record is closely aligned with our community’s agenda for social, racial, and economic justice.
• The candidate has a demonstrated commitment to racial equity.
• The candidate has demonstrated integrity as a core value.
• The candidate, their campaign, and our endorsement have the potential to change the public narrative and/or political landscape in ways that result in concrete improvements in people’s lives.
• The endorsement of the candidate and the impact of their campaign have the potential to build collective grassroots power.

The Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund makes our endorsement choices in dialogue with key partners.

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