In Maryland, Montgomery County

The JUFJ Campaign Fund Montgomery County Council Scorecard

The Montgomery County Council Scorecard is a project of the Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund.

The JUFJ Campaign Fund (JUFJCF) works in coalition with trusted partners that are made up of and led by the people who are most impacted by the issues we work on. This scorecard calculates how councilmembers did on key bills and budget items that the JUFJ Campaign Fund and our partners took positions on to advance social, racial, and economic justice in Montgomery County during the 2019–2022 Council period.

Unlike many legislative bodies, the Montgomery County Council votes unanimously on most bills. That doesn’t mean that councilmembers are all the same—it means that legislators often make their impact before the final vote. That’s why the JUFJ Campaign Fund scorecard also rates councilmembers on amendment votes and sponsorships.

While every member of the Montgomery County Council has a role to play in moving Montgomery County forward (or holding us back), councilmembers serve on different committees and have different frequencies of sponsoring bills and amendments. Because of these differences, each councilmember has a different number of scored actions and their scores have different denominators. All actions scored (bill sponsorships, amendment sponsorships, budget item sponsorships, final bill votes, amendment votes, and budget item votes) are weighted equally for all councilmembers.

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