Nikki MG Cole is a power expert, movement strategist, values-based career coach, and writer. She has 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and began her organizing career to transform working conditions for DC area restaurant workers. Nikki is the former founding co-director of ROC-DC, and also served on the board and as executive Director of DC JWJ from 2009-2016, leading coalitions to win paid sick days, increased minimum wages, wage theft prevention rights, and more for DC workers. From 2014 until present day, Nikki has organized and supported 90 grassroots, progressive candidates run and win elected positions, and co-coordinated the mobilization of 50,000 first-time voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia during the 2020 election, as the National Policy Campaign Director of One Fair Wage. Nikki currently serves as the Director of Resource Mobilization for Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD), and also coaches BIPOC women Executive Directors, Lead Organizers, and Coalitions on developing strategy and organizational structures. Through all of her efforts, Nikki is proud to say that JUFJ has always supported and brought real power her and so many people’s local organizing wins, and for that she is eternally grateful.

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