Mazel Tov / Congratulations to our next State Senator:

Delegate Shelly Hettleman

Shelly Hettleman, District 11

The JUFJ Campaign Fund enthusiastically endorsed Delegate Shelly Hettleman to fill the Senate vacancy in Baltimore County’s District 11. As a Delegate, Shelly Hettleman has established a reputation as a hard-working, knowledgeable, and politically astute legislator. She has been a champion on JUFJ’s key issues including the Fight for $15 to raise the minimum wage, Earned Sick Leave, and the Trust Act for immigrant safety. Since first elected by District 11 voters in 2015, Hettleman has initiated and passed an impressive 20 pieces of legislation. Her legislative priorities for the 2020 session include enacting the “Blueprint for Education,” reining in predatory student loan practices, and innovative treatment for opioid addiction through overdose prevention services. At this time of momentous change within the Maryland General Assembly’s leadership structure, Hettleman’s appointment to District 11’s Senate seat will significantly bolster the strength of progressives working to move Maryland forward on social justice and racial equity, a primary focus of the JUFJ Campaign Fund and our partners.

JUFJ Campaign Fund is proud to endorse:


Ben Jealous
for Governor


Susie Turnbull
for Lieutenant Governor


Brian Frosh
for Attorney General


Johnny Olszewski
for County Executive


About our Endorsed Candidates

Ben Jealous shares the JUFJ Campaign Fund’s priorities for social, economic, and racial justice for all Marylanders. Ben knows how to build bipartisan consensus among nonprofits, social justice groups, unions, and allies in the business community to increase the minimum wage, and to defend immigrant Marylanders from ICE.

Susie Turnbull‘s broad network and years of experience in the Maryland Democratic Party and the Jewish community will help her build support for programs Maryland needs, like affordable healthcare and public education for all. As a strong advocate for women’s rights, she has helped to train other women in Maryland to run for and serve in public office.

Johnny Olszewski will make government more accessible and transparent to regular people, and ensure that Baltimore County’s law enforcement officers treat every member of our society with dignity. He believes that Baltimore City and Baltimore County need to work together so both can thrive — and he’ll fight for affordable housing and water, accessible transportation, and good jobs.

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