About Us

Jews United for Justice has led DC’s Jewish community in the fight for the issues that matter most in our region for more than 15 years. But there are limits to what we can do as a nonprofit 501c3 organization – we can talk about issues, but not candidates.

The District needs strong, ethical leaders who will stand for equality and justice, and work for the people of our city. And with DC’s crowded elections it’s hard to sift through the candidates and know who these people are, what they stand for, and whether they will actually come through on their campaign promises.

That’s why we started the JUFJ Campaign Fund: to help you decide who to vote for, and to make it clear to our leaders that expect them to fight for us.

The JUFJ Campaign Fund, a sister organization for JUFJ, expands JUFJ's ability to lobby and give our community the ability to speak directly about elections, highlighting where candidates stand on the issues, and endorsing candidates who share our values and who will advance our agenda.

It gives us new tools to act on our Jewish values to ensure that the critical social justice issues facing this city – like the need for good jobs, income inequality and the lack of affordable housing – are front and center during elections. It will also deepen our relationships with local elected officials so that once they’re in office, we can continue to educate them and hold them accountable to create the change that they preached.