In DC, we are proud to endorse

Ed Lazere for Council Chair (
Jeremiah Lowery for Council At Large (

Brianne Nadeau for Ward 1 (
Kenyan McDuffie
for Ward 5 (
Charles Allen
for Ward 6 (

Karl Racine for Attorney General (
Yes on 77, One Fair Wage for DC (
Dump Trump – Dems 4 Action Slate for Democratic State Committee (
Elissa Silverman
for Council At Large (

Ed Lazere’s twenty years of leadership experience and policy expertise have already made huge positive change in the everyday lives of DC residents through his efforts on paid family and medical leave, among many, many other achievements. As Council Chair, he will prioritize affordable housing, quality education, and good jobs for all. Ed is committed to breaking down barriers that hold back struggling communities in DC, especially Black and brown people faced with worsening inequity, and he has the policy chops to follow through on that commitment.

Jeremiah Lowery has made a career of organizing, serving, and fighting for marginalized workers and those left behind by DC’s economic growth, often as a partner to JUFJ organizers. He is committed to advancing universal child care and 100% renewable energy on the Council while also tackling our affordable housing crisis head-on. Jeremiah’s passion and energy are sorely needed on the DC Council, as is his dedication to making sure that government serves and protects the most vulnerable members of our community.

Brianne Nadeau (Ward 1) has a strong record of supporting affordable housing, economic justice, and accountable government — with one of the highest scores on our recent Council voting record scorecard. She has been a key partner with progressive organizations in DC in advancing affordable housing, passing paid family & medical leave, and prioritizing investments in key services over tax cuts for millionaires and businesses.

Kenyan McDuffie (Ward 5) is committed to racial justice and criminal justice reform, and authored the groundbreaking NEAR Act. This legislation seeks to address DC’s serious problems with racially biased policing and racist police brutality, by treating violence prevention and policing as matters of public health and investing in community engagement. He has also played a key role in advancing juvenile justice reform, campaign finance, and fair elections.

Charles Allen has worked hard to bring affordable housing to Ward 6, which has created the most affordable units of any Ward over the past three years. He has also been a solid supporter of paid family leave. He championed the recently passed Fair Elections legislation, which will help more diverse and representative candidates to win office, by providing matching funds to candidates who rely on small donors instead of large corporate donations.

Karl Racine has used his office to protect vulnerable residents, especially people of color and those who are affected by poverty. As DC’s first elected Attorney General, he has prioritized criminal justice reforms that keep thousands of young Black and brown DC residents out of prison and supported with the social services they need.

Elissa Silverman is a fierce champion of economic and social justice. As a Councilmember she has worked tirelessly to support renters, seniors, and low-income residents by fighting for funding for rental subsidies, public transit, and unemployment insurance. She is an author of DC’s groundbreaking paid family and medical leave law and a loud voice on behalf of workers’ rights and affordable housing.

The Dump Trump – Dems 4 Action Slate is running to turn the Democratic Party into a voice for justice, inclusivity, and progress. They are diverse in terms of age and race, and they include several community organizers with whom we have worked closely. With this leadership, DC’s Democratic Party can be an institution that works for affordable housing and community policing, instead of the status quo. Vote for everyone on your ballot with this label listed by their name.

Ending the “tipped wage” is a key step to ensuring that everyone who works, whether they’re white, Black, or brown, can earn a decent living and sustain their families. If you want people who work for tips to earn more and be harassed and exploited less, vote YES on 77. Servers in states with one fair wage make more money, and as service jobs become a bigger and bigger part of our economy, we need to make sure that every job can be a good job.

To learn more about how the current DC Council is doing, check out our brand new DC Council Scorecard at, where we have analyzed the work of the current Councilmembers based on their votes on affordable housing, economic justice, and a government that works for the people.

DC Staff