Rianna joined the JUFJ Campaign Fund in January 2019 as a Baltimore Community Organizer. In addition to working with the Campaign Fund team, she leads the Baltimore Action Team with JUFJ, which works on water justice, fair elections, renters’ rights and local police accountability.

Before working at JUFJ, Rianna was a campaign manager on a congressional race in the 5th District of Virginia. She has also served as a canvass director on a voter registration campaign in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a student referendum coordinator at Rutgers for NJPIRG. She is very happy to be working at JUFJ and to continue fighting for our communities.

In her spare time, Rianna enjoys cooking because it’s relaxing and an easy way to get compliments. She likes reading and watching The Office, and you may also find her playing The Sims (don’t judge). She attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, where she majored in International Affairs and minored in French and Chinese.

Rianna uses she/her/hers pronouns and can be contacted by phone at (860) 874-9963.

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